Conversations to disrupt thinking & invite change

Conversations to disrupt
thinking & invite change

Tara Nolan, MCC

Different Conversations

Tara Nolan, MCC is a Master Certified Coach, a top team coach and the host of the renowned podcast, called The Game of Teams. Tara Coaches C-Suite Executives & Senior Leadership Teams to disrupt thinking and invite change for a renewed sense of Purpose, Clarity & Ease. These conversations shape how a Leader and Team show up and inspire satisfaction in others.

I am a Master Certified Coach and Systemic Team Coach. My podcast, The Game of Teams, is in the top 20% of all leadership podcasts worldwide.


Conversations worth having

Tara’s clients value her directness, her ability to challenge and to call things out in a way that is not judgemental. They value her creativity and desire to be of service no matter what. Tara asks questions that are open, curious, evocative and sometimes provocative. She has meaningful dialogue with clients for change



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The Space to enjoy a robust thinking partnership 

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Making the invisible visible for awareness, collaboration and the performance towards consequential outcomes

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Ways to enable you to open the space to think differently, to become masterful as a coach

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