The ART of Team Coaching Supervision-Group 1-Tara


Work with me Tara Nolan, MCC, to explore your practice.
Join an intimate group for exploration and growth.

You a Certified Team Coach & you care about your presence, your ability to partner with your clients, your practice as well as the systems you impact


The ART of Team Coaching Supervision is a flexible program comprising an intimate group setting led by one faculty member along with 3 dedicated MasterClasses that will follow the arc of ART-Align-Reveal-Transform. You can chose to participate in a supervision group as it stands or combine it by attending one or all of the 3 MasterClasses on offer.

In this small & intimate space for Group Supervision we will deal with the myriad of challenges faced by Teams. We will consider complex system issues, ethics, dynamics & psychological constructs to improve your team coaching. As Team Coaches we are aware we need to work differently with all kinds of teams & we are conscious the world is in turbulence. How do we as Team Coaches help our clients navigate the practical and psychological issues and concerns as they arise. How do we take care of our own needs and continue to provide the depth & quality of coaching we know is so needed in these times.

Expect to receive feedback and analysis using live case studies (2 per session) Enjoy the company and resource of peers. Come with your questions, concerns, observations & ideas. Be inspired to evolve as a coach.

Expect to be challenged, championed and to co-create with me and your peers We will employ a conversational framework to invite change. You will leave each session with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity and ease.


  • 1 introductory session 
  • 6*120 min sessions,
  • Sessions held every 6 weeks to two months
  • Group size will be limited to 4-6

Dates, Timings & Venue:

Next program starts  October 4th  2022. 2.30pm-4.30pm GMT

Future session dates agreed by the Group, in group
Venue is on Zoom. All details, zoom invite and links will be sent in advance of session.

More Details

Tara Nolan, MCC
Tara is credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Master Certified Coach (MCC). She is certified a Newfield Ontological Coach and Mentor Coach. She has been a faculty member of the Irish Management Institute Coach Training Program where she served as an assessor and a faculty member. Tara is certified as a Gestalt Coach and Time to Think Coach. She is also a Master Systemic Team Coach and offers Team Coach Supervision. Tara has worked with Leaders and Coaches from across the globe.

The ART of Team Coaching Supervision-Group 1-Tara

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The ART of Team Coaching Supervision-Group 1-Tara

Work with me Tara Nolan, MCC, to explore your practice....

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